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Android Industrial Training in Jalandhar (Punjab)

Android is one of our Engineering Programmes under the category of ‘’M” in iSMAC (IT-IMS, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud). It is good to know that Android has the largest installed base of all operating systems of any kind. It has been the best selling OS on tablets since 2013, and on smartphones. Given its global footprint and application/services ecosystem, IDC fully expects some form of Android to hold a dominant share of the smartphone OS space for the foreseeable future.

IIHT is also recognized as a best Android Training Institute and has an emphatic domestic footprint and dots the map across cites, a few of them being Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Jalandhar.

  1. Introduction to Mobility
    1. Mobility Background
    2. Operating Systems
    3. Web/Hybrid/Native App – Basic design choosing approach
    4. MADP, MEAP, MCAP Concepts
    5. Overview of Tools (Antenna, Kony, Phonegap, Xamarin)
    6. Design considerations for building mobile application
    7. Unit testing and Device testing
    8. Tools for testing
    9. Tools for memory profiling
  2. Javascript
    1. Javascript – Introduction
    2. Javascript– Syntax
    3. Javascript– Where to place in the html document
    4. Javascript– statements
    5. Javascript– comments
    6. Javascript– variables
    7. Javascript– data types
    8. Javascript– objects
    9. Javascript– RegExp
    10. Javascript– functions
    11. Javascript– binary & logical operators
    12. Javascript– loop
    13. Javascript– break & continue
    14. Javascript– try catch
    15. Javascript– form validations
    16. Javascript– html dom interactions
    17. Javascript– browser dom interactions
  3. CSS
    1. CSS-ID and Class
    2. CSS-Background
    3. CSS-Text
    4. CSS-Fonts
    5. CSS-Links
    6. CSS-Lists
    7. CSS-Tables
    8. CSS-Div Concepts
    9. CSS-Box Model
    10. CSS-Padding and Margin
    11. CSS-Border and outline
    12. CSS-Group/nesting
    13. CSS-Dimension
    14. CSS-Display
    15. CSS-Positioning
    16. CSS-Floating
    17. CSS-align
    18. CSS-Image Gallery
    19. CSS-Image Opacity
    20. CSS-Image Sprites
    21. CSS-Media Type
    22. CSS-attr selectors
  4. Jquery
    1. Introduction to JQuery
    2. Installing JQuery Library
    3. Jquery Basics
    4. Jquery Element Selectors
    5. Jquery Attribute Selectors
    6. Query Attribute Selectors
    7. Query Traversing
    8. Query CSS Selectors
    9. Jquery Dom Manipulation and Event Handling
  5. Jquery Moblie
    1. jQ Mobile Introduction
    2. jQ Mobile Install
    3. jQ Mobile Pages
    4. jQ Mobile Transitions
    5. jQ Mobile Controls
    6. jQ Mobile Lists
    7. jQ Mobile Forms
    8. jQ Mobile Form Inputs
    9. jQ Mobile Form Select
    10. jQ Mobile Form Sliders
    11. jQ Mobile Themes
    12. jQ Mobile Events
    13. jQ Mobile Touch
    14. jQ Mobile Scroll
    15. jQ Mobile Orientation
    16. jQ Mobile Page Events
    17. jQ Data Attributes
    18. jQ Icons
  6. Performance Engineering
    1. Testing on Emulators/Simulators
    2. Deployment & Testing on devices
    3. Code analysis & static analyzer usage
  7. Android Basics
    1. History and Introduction
    2. Installation and SDK
    3. Basic Android Application
    4. Views and Menu
    5. Layout Manager, Custom Layout
    6. Event Handling
    7. Resource Handling
    8. Activity Life Cycle
    9. Intent and Intent Filter
    10. Broadcast Receiver
    11. Services
    12. Fragments, Action Bar
    13. Content Provider & SQLite Database
    14. Style and Theme
    15. Preference Management
    16. Notification Service
    17. XML and JSON Parsing
  8. Android Advanced
    1. Web services
    2. Thread Handling & AsyncTask
    3. Screen Orientation and supporting different Screens
    4. Development Tools
    5. Unit Testing
    6. Deployment Tools
    7. Integration with Map, GPS and Social Networking
    8. Media API’s, Bar Code Integration Zxing
    9. Javascript Injection, Webview Integration
    10. GCM
    11. Best Practice – Design, Memory Management, Mobile Best Practices, Proguard, Android Application
  9. Process and Quality
    1. Software Quality in Cognizant
    2. Delivery Management
    3. Software Development
    4. Metrics
    5. Review
    6. Defect Management

Why Learn from us?

Datasys Web Solutions, a visionary company. Our recent achievement is Cloud based solutions. We are working in cloud and have completed various projects. Datasys's premium Development Centre is situated at Jalandhar & Chandigarh.

IIHT operates under the roof of Datasys at Jalandhar. At IIHT you will learn to develop cloud using great tools and techniques which are widely adopted by market. 

  • Android App Development market is booming creating numerous job opportunities for you!
  • The number of smartphone users will reach 2.16 billion in 2016.
  • According to GfK, “India to be largest contributor to smartphone sales growth globally.”
  • Android holds 82.8% of all smartphones operating system market share.
  • Android developers are highly in demand, lucrative pay checks starting with 4-5 lacs p.a. with very reputed organizations.
  • You can choose to join a good organization or even become an entrepreneur.


We also have specialize course for web development in PHP.

What you will cover in PHP 6 Month Industrial Training course:

  • Study the PHP framework in detail and know the latest trends in technology.
  • Learn from experienced web developer with 10+ years industry experience.
  • Get help from trained developers with years of experience in PHP whenever you face a coding issue or need to understand a concept better.
  • Update your skill sets to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition from legacy systems over to PHP technologies.
  • Build dynamic websites and powerful applications independently.
  • Expect attractive job offers to come pouring in!

Work on Live Projects!
Focus on Lab work rather than theoretical and work on Live Projects. You actually get to build your first ever PHP website in the course!

Interested students fill the form by clicking over the online registration form.

Also you may visit our office in Jalandhar for registration.


IIHT (An initiative of Datasys)

Old Kapurthala Road, Near Joshi Hospital, Adj. to Metropolis Lab, Jalandhar-144001.

Call us: Landline: 0181-4647474, Mob: 9478-747474


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